Rose Workshop Announced


Roses are red, violets are blue, if you dread pruning roses, this workshop’s for you! Ohio State University Extension Master Garden Volunteers and Clary Gardens are offering a free “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” workshop on Saturday, April 14 from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM at Clary Gardens, 588 West Chestnut Street, Coshocton.

The morning will include teaching and instruction from Master Gardener Volunteers and include hands-on training in pruning, fertilizing, and deadheading. There will also be discussion about proper use of fungicide and miticide application. Participants need to bring heavy gloves and sharp pruners. Please RSVP to the Coshocton County Extension Office at 740-622-2265 by April 9. More information is available at

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*NEW* City Theme and 2018 Plans Shared


“Twist and Shout” is 2018 Coshocton in Bloom theme

Beacon Staff ¦ March 19, 2018

Coshocton in Bloom board members presented Mayor Steve Mercer and City Services Director Max Crown the 2017 award the city received from the American in Bloom judges. The plaque was presented at the CIB symposium held at the Johnson Humrickhouse Museum on Saturday, March 17 as the group met to discuss plans for the 2018 contest.

COSHOCTON – Members of the Coshocton in Bloom board, city officials and residents met at the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum on Saturday, March 17 for a symposium on this year’s theme and plans.

“Last year was a really big deal for us,” said Dorothy Skowrunski, CIB board member. “We won the national award for outstanding floral displays. This was against all cities, not just the small ones we usually compete against.” She also said that Coshocton was less than one percent from earning a five bloom status, which is the highest the American in Bloom judges award. “We are really going to try to get that five bloom award this year.”

Each year, the committee receives a report from the America in Bloom judges that shows how well Coshocton performed in several categories. The city is judged for floral displays, urban forestry, landscape, environmental, heritage preservation and overall. This year, community vitality will be added. Judges look at businesses, municipal and residents for each category, so Coshocton is actually judged in 21 categories. “We also give the judges a total of volunteer hours to consider,” said Skowrunski. “We really want to know all of the volunteer hours from civic groups, classes and other organizations who help make Coshocton beautiful each year. This year, we got a list of what the judges will be looking at when they visit this summer, so we can really look at improving those areas.”

During the morning, Tom Heading announced that the Coshocton Rotary had donated $5,000 for the CIB’s plans to beautify 7th Street with trees. Debbie Gaumer, also a board member, said that there are 392 planters and pots in the city, with plans to add more this year.

“One myth that we need to dispel is that the city pays for any of the plants or the person watering the pots,” said Jandi Adams, another board member. “Businesses and groups in the area sponsor the planters and that money, along with other donations, pays for the plants, flowers and to hire a person or two to water the plants.” She added that the city does sponsor plants, but does not pay for the person to water or for the planters. Everything the Coshocton in Bloom board does is by donation and the sponsoring of the planters.

Coshocton in Bloom also awards residents with a “Door Hanger Award” for anyone who has improved their landscaping or who has a beautiful garden or floral arrangement. Residents can nominate anyone that they think has made an improvement by calling the city hall or Clary Gardens with the name of the person they feel deserves the award. Winners of the Door Hanger Award will receive a specially-designed door hanger for their residence and will get a certificate at a ceremony during the Coshocton County Fair.

“I think by beautifying our area, we are planting pride in our community,” said Skowrunski. “We want any potential businesses that are viewing our city to see a beautiful place, one with pride.” The CIB board feels this can help entice new businesses to come to Coshocton.

The Coshocton in Bloom board has a Facebook page and encourages residents to view the page for local pictures and advice to help make their yards beautiful.

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Sipping Society Artwork Display


Come and see a delightful array of artwork created within the Coshocton area. The pieces on display highlight the Footlight Players’ March theater production of the "Savannah Sipping Society”.

Display dates at Clary Gardens are in conjunction with the last two weekends of the production: March 9, 10, 11, and March 16, 17. All Fridays and Saturdays will take place before the play from 3:00-7:30pm. The Sunday matinee display will be available to view from 12:00-2:00pm.

Melissa Maxwell, local artist and Collective member, has worked diligently with the gardens to be able to bring this and future displays to fruition. “We’re excited to display the artworks in a new venue [Clary Gardens] and hopefully even sell a few pieces!”

Jandi Adams, Executive Director of Clary Gardens is excited about the new partnership with local artists and can’t wait for the public to view some of their pieces. "It’s easy to imagine the talent that we have here locally. The paintings invoke a feeling of down south meets warm Appalachian culture - all the feels! We hope many will come to the gardens mid-March and enjoy this impressive community display."

Local artists are invited to join the Coshocton County Artist Collective (CCAC). Meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month at 4pm, at The Frame Shop in Coshocton. Membership fee is $25 annually for adults and $12.50 for students aged 16-18.

Visitors attending the display of local artwork are encouraged to buy tickets for the theatrical comedy. Art from the CCAC can be viewed before the upcoming shows in the red Compton House (top of the drive on the right) at Clary Gardens. Come enjoy the display, meet some of the artists behind the paintings, and then journey to see the production people are having so much excitement over! Tickets for the play can be bought online at

*There is no cost to attend the art display at Clary Gardens.

Event photo created by local Coshocton Artist, Lois Stubbs

What's BLOOMING at Clary's


We get asked quite often (and rightfully so!) - "If we venture to the gardens this month, what will we see? Any spring color(s)?"

The answer is YES! Here are a list of the floral blooms you can expect to see this time of year... many of which can be found at Clary Gardens:

  1. 1. Crocus
  2. 2. Glory-of-the-snow
  3. 3. Iris reticulata** (IN BLOOM TODAY, 3/1/2018)
  4. 4. Scilla
  5. 5. Helleborus
  6. 6. Forsythia
  7. 7. White forsythia
  8. 8. Daffodil** (STARTING TO BLOOM when written)

We are busy tending to some of our 2500 tulips that should be peeking out NEXT MONTH! Stop by on your lunch break, for a quick woodland walk, or to visit the children's garden on a nice afternoon. See you at CLARY GARDENS.

First Signs of *SPRING*


The first spring blooms have been spotted at Clary Gardens! They are purple, miniature iris, and SO BEAUTIFUL. Can you find them? Scavenger hunt time! Come see these blooms and many more shooting up daily in the weeks to come! Open EVERY DAY, daylight hours at NO COST.