The Compton House

Circa 1830, the Compton House was built by James Compton as a family home of four. Although refurnished and rebuilt several times, it still contains the authentic 19th century charm that one would expect from that time period. It has two bedrooms, one upstairs and one down, a library off of the main entry/living area, one washroom, and a full kitchen with refrigerator and stove-top oven. The Compton House has always been painted red from its earliest owners. Well seated off of 541, it used to have a large farmed area in front of the house, along with a fruit tree farm planted to its rear. Now it has ample parking and is finely located within walking distance of all other Clary Gardens' amenities and frequented garden areas: Public Restroom, Garden Office, Children's Garden, Rose Garden, Gazaebo, Stone Bridge, and more!

Presently, it is a special place for guests to hold events such as bridal showers, baby showers, birthday or anniversary parties, or more popularly a destination for bridal parties to get ready on the day of the wedding - brides have full view of the guests filling the rose garden and amphitheater for their outdoor nuptials. The Compton House also, in combination with an adjoining tent, is host to receptions and dance areas following the wedding extravaganza. Renters have full use of the kitchen (for caterers if needed), restroom, and ample front row parking. View our "Celebrate" webpage tab to inquire further about using The Compton House for your event or workshop! We are known for our extremely reasonable rental rates!

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