Top #15 BEST in Coshocton!


We made the Top #100 List of Coshocton's BEST!!! Not only that, we made the top #15!!! Thanks to Hasseman Brewery for the generous "Shout Out". Read it HERE for yourself and become one of their VIP's - You can thank us later!

100 Things We Love About Coshocton County

September 15, 2017

What you seek, you shall find.

If you don't know already, we at Hasseman Brewing are very much PRO-Coshocton. All of the people involved in the project have the option to live, work, raise a family and start businesses is other places. We choose here.

So while we see the flaws in our community (all have them) we are also proud of what is good (even great) here. We get frustrated when people publicly tear down Coshocton County. So we wanted to share just a SMALL list of things we love about Coshocton County. We will start with just 100.

1. Great Craft Beer made here (sorry we had to do it).

2. Kids America

3. Ravens Glenn Winery

4. Coshocton County Beacon

5. Miss Jennifer's Dance Studio

6. Pizza Point Pizza

7. Friday night football games

8. Roscoe Village

9. Lake Park Aquatic Center

10. The Indian Mud Run

11. The incredible community giving spirit

12. Mark Granger and New Life Ministries

13. Rainbow Hills Winery

14. The Johnson Humrickhouse Museum

15. ***********Clary Gardens***********

16. Triple Locks Theater

17. The ArtPark on Main Street

18. Deans Jewelry

19. Trading Post on WTNS


21. Higher Hopes Therapeutic Riding Center

22. The Monticello

23. Lake Park Pavilion

24. ParktoberFest in Warsaw

25. Woodbury Outfitters

26. Sacred Heart Church and School

27. Local Boys Sports

28. Local Girls Sports

29. Earl's Dari

30. McWane Ductile (Iron Strong)

31. Kraft/Heinz (Making America's Bacon)

32. Annin Flag (Making America's Flags)

33. Pomerene Center for the Arts

34. Heritage Winery

35. Killbuck Distillery (coming soon)

36. Lake Park Running Trails

37. The Rose of Sharon

38. NewPointe Community Church (and other amazing local places of faith)

39. Coshocton Public Library

40. The Coshocton Yard

41. Medberry Marketplace

42. Unusual Junction

43. 4H

44. The Coshocton County Fair

45. Echoing Hills Village

46. Woodbury Wildlife Reserve

47. Stewart Field

48. The Turkey Trot by DK Races

49. Wonderful Small Town Culture

50. Hot Air Balloon Festival

51. Coshocton County Relay for Life

52. First Fridays on Main Street

53. Cruisin the Plaza

54. Richard Downing Airport

55. Yellow Butterfly Winery

56. Wooly Pig Farm Brewery (coming soon)

57. Amici's Pizza

58. Crowtown Pizza

59. 5 Point Chiropractic

60. Shelby Theaters

61. Apple Butter Festival

62. Fall Foilage Tour

63. Canal Days Festival

64. Miracle on Main Street

65. Coshocton County Chamber of Commerce

66. COTC Coshocton Campus

67. Jeff Drennen Dealerships

68. Coshocton Community Band

69. Coshocton Community Choir

70. Classic Auto Supply (CASCO)

71. Pearl Valley Cheese

72. Coshocton Farmer's Market

73. Coshocton County EMS

74. Coshocton County Fire and Sheriff

75. Coshocton Prime Healthcare

76. Old Stone Fort

77. RHDD

78. Jones Metal

79. Hannah Maries

80. All Well Behaviorial Health

81. Upper Room Food Pantry

82. Reverand Stuckey with Shepherd's Assembly

83. Crowntown Yoga

84. Art Connects

85. Coshocton Foundation

86. MFM Building Supplies

87. Buckeye Fabricators

88. Wiley Organics

89. Dogwood Festival

90. Schumaker Farms

91. Burt Park

92. West Lafayette Homecoming

93. Wildwood Music

94. Miller Funeral Home

95. Meridios

96. Coshocton Community Center

97. Habitat for Humanity/ReStore

98. The Railroad Saloon

99. The Yucatan

100. English Ivy

101. The People of Coshocton County...and YOU!

The funny thing is...this was easy. We kept coming up with more after we compiled this list. So if you want to add yours, please feel free. The point is, we think Coshocton County is pretty special. Please join us. We hope you do too.

Until next time! Cheers!

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